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“Very good. Tried hard to make it fun. Forced us to deal with certain challenges alone. Highly recommended. Able to work with a group of very different people really well. Very perceptive - able to give people useful techniques to use in real situations. A brilliant tutor. Very good bloke and excellent tutor. Patient perceptive - possibly even a mind reader. Fun, friendly, approachable, diplomatic, encouraging. Very good delivery of materials we had to work with. Great listener, excellent deliverer - you definitely should use him again. Engaging, approachable, enthusiastic about how the GRAD school is good for us. Guided us to think a lot more about ourselves and how we work in a team not how others seem to work as a team.”
Answers to the question “How would you describe your tutor, in your own words?” Group W, Windermere Grad School May 2008

“Just a note to thank you for your guidance and expertise over the two-day workshop I attended! I have come away feeling more positive, determined and more informed! Immediately after the workshop had finished I went over to see the catering manager at xx and she has agreed to sell my cards in the shop (captive audience of c3000 people which can't be bad!) all I need to do is negotiate a price!”
DM, Vodafone

“Please keep sending your LCT emails - I find them inspiring in the course of my working week and they are helping me take a fresh look at what I am doing.”
MB, Strategic Planner

“I have just finished speaking to SF who attended the Start Your Own Business Workshop in London on 22/23 March. He couldn't say enough about how good the workshop was, how motivating and supporting the consultant (Andrew) was and how this was the best ever workshop he had been on.”
Royal Mail

“I would like to say a huge thank you for Thursday. In terms of meeting my objectives I think the day exceeded them - The day had a real buzz, I felt that everyone participated fully and hence got a lot back out. I can honestly say that it is the only such event I’ve been too where I think the day hit the spot for 100% of people and it didn’t happen by accident! I haven’t been back in the office since the day- but everyone I have spoken to so far has been full of praise for the day.”
JB, Powergen

“Thanks for yesterday - The team really enjoyed it and found the time out worth while. Reflecting on the day later P even said she felt you had been the best facilitator/training that she had experienced.”
RG, Powergen

“Thanks for your time and patience over the last two days- it was a very enlightening workshop!”
BN, Royal Mail

NLP Training:

“Thanks to this Introduction to NLP I am able to look to the future with anticipation and dare I say it, excitement.”
TW, Team Leader

“NLP has changed the way I think about myself, other people and they way I can change my world to ensure I get what I want from life. It’s given me the confidence to really go for my goals.”
VW, Team Leader

“Andrew, a guru for life!”
Team Leaders

“Interesting, useful and a fantastic opportunity”
Team Leader

“Everyone should be issued with a pocket Andrew Halfacre - you can use him anywhere”

“A creative, new, challenging and stretching set of modules for self-development and personal understanding”

“After finally realising what I want, everything has just fallen into place. Putting myself at cause has not always been easy, however the results have made it well worth it”

“It’s about getting to know yourself, taking responsibility for yourself and giving yourself permission to do what makes you happy”
Process Support


“Keep challenging!! It has helped me no end.”
PW, Customer Services Co-ordinator

“Thanks for all your help (even your little comments!) You are very good at what you do”
LS, Analyst

“Thank you for all your help and support. I have learnt so much that will encourage me in the future”
MF, Market Research Executive

“I find you very thought provoking. Thank you!”
SK, Analyst

“You help people very easily. It is very natural for you to make people welcome and feeling good. I have most particularly appreciated your stories. Thank you.”
SJ, Working Capital Management Analyst

“Thank you for ‘exploding more myths’ about NLP for me - working with you has been an education.”
FH, Director

“Thank you for your relaxation techniques”
Phil Thompson, Customer Services Co-ordinator

“You have the great ability to make people think outside the box”

“You are very good at taking people through relaxation sessions and story telling”
DD, Facilitator

Coaching with Andrew Halfacre

“One hour that put thousands before it into perspective - well worth the time! It enabled me to take a fresh look at what I have done to date and what I really want out of my future - great way to check if you are on the right track. Highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about a career or lifestyle change - definitely worth the time.”
CC, Marketing and Communications Manager

“I want to thank you for the guidance you have given me and for the help with my CV that certainly helped me to get the result that I wanted.”
BM, Analyst

“I will continue to put the things I have learnt into action and am looking forward to a new beginning.”

“I came to you to improve my communication skills and I have 100% done this. You've truly left me with a sense that with your coaching anything really is possible and within my reach.”
SP, Team Leader

“I appreciate the help, advice & time you have given me, it has helped me to focus more positively on what I want & to go actually go about making it happen.”
SL, Training

“Working with Andrew has helped me to look at work and life differently…:”
PE, Team Manager

Personal Breakthrough Sessions:

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for yesterday. What I found amazing was how differently I felt just by talking about X, in particular, talking through ‘how to do Y’ (apart from making me laugh) will stay with me, showing me how to flip all those negative feelings and thoughts on their heads!”
ME, HR Team

“After more than 35 years of knowing, each time I looked into the mirror, just how bad and how ugly I was. I can finally look in the mirror and see just how good and how gorgeous I am.
Did my coach do this for me - NO! I did it. I learnt that the only person who can change how I see, feel, look, think and act, is ME. I learnt that I am in control of ME.
This is what my coach did for me.”

AW, Analyst

“You helped me find the batteries for my torch, to show me the way through the darkness!! - now I'm even learning to see without the torch I'm down to 1 battery!”
BW, Trainer